The Montessori Teacher

Initially the Montessori teacher at Kempten Montessori School will carefully observe the children in her class to ascertain what are the developmental needs of each individual child in the class. Then comes the task of preparing the environment and the materials in order  to meet all the various needs of the each individual child.  The children will start to explore with and discover the Montessori equipment, and the teacher will facilitate and guide each childs learning.

There will be various small group or individual  work when the teacher will introduce new concepts and positively encourage the children to ask questions, investigate and discover new ideas!

Kemptem Montessori School Sligo

As a result children who will experience a Montessori education are highly motivated and will learn to be, self-confident, and independent. It makes education a source of complete pleasure for them-something to be sought and enjoyed.

Kempten Montessori School Sligo

Each and every child  at Kempten Montessori will be given an opportunity to develop their own innate abilities to their fullest potential in an atmosphere where competition is completly irrelevant and non-existent.

Kempten Montessori School Sligo