Teaching Maths the Montessori Way

Maths ShelvingChildren come into contact with numbers early on in life, as our world is dependent upon mathematics, from counting money to telling the time to identifying ages. Montessori education is unique in that it prepares a child for learning to think mathematically from the youngest of ages. The Montessori maths materials help develop a wonderful foundation for the fascinating world of mathematics.

You will find that in the prepared environment of the Montessori classroom there is a great deal of material for teaching mathematics.

Our specially designed activities help children learn and understand the concept of maths by working with concrete materials, so that children aged 3-6 are able to count and work with numbers up to thousands.

Maths Work

Seguin BoardThe children enjoy playing math games to reinforce new concepts. I  enjoy helping the children build a strong foundation in math through developmentally appropriate activities and respect the fact that each child will progress in his or her own way.

Maths is introduced to the child from day one through the practical life and sensorial exercises, as well as counting games. Using the Montessori material for maths the child is introduced to:

  • Numbers 1 to 10 – using number rods, sandpaper numbers, cards and counters
  • Numbers 11 to 19, 10 to 90 and 11 to 99 – using beads and specially designed boards
  • Introduction to thousands, hundreds, tens and units
  • Simple addition and subtraction – using beads and number cards

Benefits of Maths

  • The maths materials are designed to give the child a deep understanding of numbers and their relationship between the quantity and symbol
  • Order, coordination, concentration and independence are experienced by the child using Montessori maths materials