Science and Geography

Science & Geography


The Montessori approach to science cultivates children’s fascination with the universe and helps them develop a lifelong interest in observing nature and discovering more about the world in which they live. Learning science through experimentation and sensory exploration will awaken the childs spirit and imagination, and they will have an appetide for more hands-on physical science. At  Kempten Montessori and afterschool club exciting science experiments are incorporated as part of our fun filled  weekly themes.


Our Montessori classroom offers many science opportunities for your child to explore. Some of the areas we have fun learning about are:

  • Life cycles of certain animals & their habitat (growing butterflies / ladybirds)
  • The solar system
  • Non-Living / living things
  • The animal kingdom
  • The human body
  • Insect study
  • Sink & float experiments



Working with specially designed Montessori maps and globes children learn to identify the continents. Each continent comes to life as our students learn about the countries, flags, animals, people and food native to the area.  Montessori children are frequently seen to astonish adults with their in-depth knowledge of the subjects they are learn about in Montessori school, and how they want to explore things in increasingly complex way.

Benefits of Science and Geography

  • The materials available in our classroom provide hands on foundation for understanding the world in which we live.