Art, Music and Movement

Art, Creativity, Music and Movement

Music and movement education are also important parts of the curriculum as well as the Arts. They offer children ways to express themselves, their feelings, experiences and ideas. These activities will help children develop control of their fine and gross-motor movement.

ArtDr. Montessori felt that it is of utmost importance for children to be given the opportunity to express themselves freely. She was fully aware, however, that they can often  get frustrated by the fine motor skills they need for such things as gluing and cutting, using playdough ect. She therefore developed many indirect .exercises that help children develop these necessary .skills. .Our Montessori .classroom is full of opportunities to experiment with new different and exciting materials. Whether involved in different types of painting, foam play,  singing nursery rhymes, playing instruments or dancing and marching, children are allowed show their individuality, free to express their feelings and emotions

Our budding young artists love expressing themselves at the easel with chalk or paint. Their masterpieces are displayed for all to enjoy in our classroom art displays.