A Peek Inside Our Classroom

When you enter the classroom at Kempten Montessori, you will immediately notice a very busy atmosphere of mixed-aged children in an attractive and pleasant environment. One will see several children working alone in deep concentration, building a tower, working with colours or shapes, colouring or matching up numbers, cutting with safety scissors or gluing with glue spreaders, pouring water or learning how to thread. Others have formed spontaneous pairs or small groups working together with a particular piece of Montessori equipment, or some preparing the table for a snack, as they enjoy both the preparations and eating with their friends.

The class room is bright, warm and inviting to the children and parents.

Independant Work at Kempten Montessori School, SligoYou will notice myself as the teacher being mainly what Montessori described as ‘a silent presence’ in the classroom, closely observing each individual child. Montessori teachers kindly and gently direct children in their learning rather than telling them what to do or what things are like. When I notice an interest awakening in any child, I will direct him towards that piece of equipment which will satisfy his desire to learn. Introducing the child to an activity, the child is then encouraged to explore for himself.

402.JPGNothing in our classroom is put there by accident. Every activity is there for a reason and has a purpose. Specially designed Montessori equipment helps the children develop their sensory, numeric, language and practical skills. In our Montessori classroom mistakes are seen as a means of learning. ‘How could I make this work?’ is the question which keeps our children busy and motivated. “I did it all by myself” is a sentence I hear every single day, and then I see the big smiles on our children’s faces.