Day in the Life

AnnaAnna – I love Mondays! My Mummy takes me to Montessori School or sometimes I come with Daddy. Teacher June always meets us at the door with a great big smile and shakes my hand. She asks me “If I had a nice weekend?” Mummy reminds of my news from the weekend so I can share it with all my friends at news time. Teacher June helps me to hang up my bag and coat as sometimes it can be heavy. When all my friends arrive its Montessori time!

joeyJoey – I love when my teacher shows me new Montessori work, especially sensorial work. I love building towers and stairs and exploring with shapes.

Sometimes it’s just she and I working together. Other times the work includes one or two of my other friends. I am really busy all through work time!

vincentVincent – I get to choose work from anywhere on the shelves, I don’t have to ask for help to reach to the shelves, as they’re the same height as me. I decided to build some words!

Building BlocksFrancis – All my friends are so busy as I look around the classroom. Vincent  is building words, his favourite work. Alison is building a great big tower and Joey is working with different sized blocks.

Brendan – Teacher June tells my friends and I it’s going to be snack time soon but I don’t need to hurry with my work as she always gives us loads of time to finish.

Anna – After we wash our hands, my friends and I line up to go and get our lunch bags. I wonder what healthy snack Mummy has packed for me today?

Lorraine – At snack time we listen to lovely music. I hope it’s going to be the animal magic CD today. That’s my favourite. Its snack time for Nemo too!

KeithKeith – Yippee! I’ve got an apple and some cherries today. Thanks Mum! Now I get to use the magic apple corer and the cherry patter. They’re really easy to use. When I’m finished eating I clean up, wash my hands and rush to the library to get my favourite book “The Smartest Giant in Town”.

Library TimeMichael – In our library there are lots of cool books. Sometimes I find it hard to choose. Teacher June asks us interesting questions about our books. I love this time of our day. I can’t wait until it’s my turn to talk!

Garda Louise VisitJames – Teacher does lots of exciting things at circle time. We learn the days of the week, the weather and even the months of the year, which Mummy thinks is really clever.

At circle time we learn lots of cool songs, which I love to teach my little sister. Our teacher talks about our weekly theme – maybe what life is like in Africa, or what kind of fish are in the Great Barrier Reef, a conversation about our planets or even all about road safety, when Garda Louise came for a visit.

Yvonne – On Monday it’s news time and I can’t wait to tell my friends what mischief I got up to at the weekend. Sometimes we tell our friends funny stories about something that happened at home.

KasimKasim – At this time on Wednesday it’s Yoga time. I wonder what new yoga poses we will learn this week? Teacher says Thursday is Arts and Crafts Day. We are learning all about our solar system this week, so teacher explains we will get to paint some planets. Wow, I’m so excited – I want to paint Pluto!

paulPaul – Next we head outside to the outdoor area. We like building fairy houses with the large Lego blocks, playing with the sharks in the water or taking turns on the scooters.

I remember to water my flower seeds too. I love playing outdoor games with my friends and teacher.

Face PaintingDarren – Sometimes I sit on teacher’s knee and ask her what we will be doing for fun day Friday. Will it be face painting, fancy dress or a trip to Sligo library? I just can’t guess.

Catherine – Mummy says she’ll pick me up at 12.30. I’ll tell her all about my fun day.
But when Mummy arrives my response to her usual question of “What did you do at school today” is no different to a lot of my friends. “Oh I can’t remember, I guess I did a lot of stuff!!”